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Oen Kennedy is an award winning singer-songwriter-naturalist, and a master bird whistler. He has made 5 CDs of original tunes and has another 50 or 60 tunes on deck. Oen is currently working on a 24 song songbook investigating a sequence of related keys which has a working title of "The Slightly-Tempered Songwriter."

Oen loves Sequoias and Squirrels. Many people find Squirrels annoying, in light of their ability to circumvent efforts by humans to keep them from sunflower seed intended for birds at birdfeeders. But Oen is fascinated by Squirrel's problem-solving abilities, and actually sees Squirrels as role models.

Sequoias are one of Oen's other role models: they have deep, infinitely bifurcating roots which maintain symbiotic exchanges with all kinds of fungi and other microoganisms; they reach heavenward to receive the sun's bounty; they take in carbon dioxide and breath out large amounts of pure oxygen; they are ravishingly beautiful and gigantic and ancient; they provide food and shade and shelter for manifold macro-organisms; they were beloved by one of Oen's heroes, John Muir; and it is their essential nature to be still and quiet, which is an antidote to the hurried chaos promoted by cell phones and shoot'em up video games.

Oen's ongoing desire is to celebrate the multifarious creation, and give song-voice to other species alongside the astonishing and amazing homo sapiens sapiens.

Oen Kennedy