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He's musical, he's subtle, he's irresistible and he has an innate sense of the innocent soul in every one of us. Weaving birdsong and exotic instruments into his music as naturally as dew gathering on grass, his songs embrace the natural world with a gentle intelligence that is altogether unique

--Marilyn Rea Beyer WUMB 91.9

There are few performers more deserving of the term "genius" than the amazing Oen Kennedy. Oen is a first-rate guitarist (and fine piano player) with a unique voice and melodies which are intricate and yet instantly accessible. Oen is perhaps best known for his many wonderful songs about birds, but his pallet is considerably wider than tat and his songs demonstrate a remarkable ability to convey the magic and wonder of nature, childhood, love, and the human spirit. Oen Kennedy has never failed to move the audience, often to tears, but always in the end to a thunderous ovation

-- Mark Stepakoff, award winning singer-songwriter

He is an Otter, a Wolf, and a Meadowlark all in one. He doesn’t strum with fingers, he strums with the pads of his paws, although it sounds as graceful as a hand can get. His voice touches your spine gently, and warmly. His passion for Mother Earth makes everyone in the room fall in love with her too. He is a smooth seal-like crooning heart- melter with a naturalist’s mind and a fierce compassion for life.

--Tara Greenblatt, singer-songwriter, teacher, drummer

Every time I hear your CD, I find myself smiling through tears, feeling inspired, and thankful for this beautiful gift

-- J.N.

I hold on to your CD! Is there another one in the UK? I dared to let it out of my hands for 48 hours. This lovely woman named Casey wanted to hear it. She fell in love!

-- F.C.

Just by chance I was fortunate to catch your performance last Tuesday at the House of Blues. I had also the good sense to purchase your CD while I was there. It's probably the most original, and easily the best CD I have purchased in a while!

-- Chris

You were so wonderful! I enjoyed listening to and watching you sing so much! Your songs are so beautiful, so full of spirit.


There's something holy in his music!

-- Bridie Glynn, age 85

Hey dad, wanna trade CDs? I'll give you Bob Marley for Oen Kennedy.

--Jeremiah Driscoll age 10

Oen Kennedy